C-130 Squadrons logoEach section below will take you to an area listing squadrons that currently fly or have formerly flown the C-130 throughout the world. There are images of squadron insignia, history notes, and links. If you see any mistakes or have new information that should be added, just let me know.

US Air Force

AF Reserve
US Navy
Air National Guard
Marine Corps
Coast Guard
Foreign Squadrons

Former Herk Squadrons

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Notes: The information on C-130 fleets from foreign countries mainly came from World Air Power Journal and visitors to the the Web site. Thanks to Lee Spain for letting me scan patches from his foreign patch collection for inclusion here. Thanks to everyone else who has sent me patch images and info as well as patches themselves to help make up this section of C-130 Hercules Headquarters.  I update all the above sections as patches and new information becomes available to me.