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Large web sites such as this one are not free. I wish to convey my sincere appreciation and thanks to the following individuals who made financial donations for this web site. Their contributions have made it possible to keep this web site running at full blast so everyone can enjoy the entire site without distracting banner ads and interruption of service when traffic volume gets higher than normal. Their gifts will keep the web site running smoothly most likely for the next two years. 



Tom ?

Jerry Baird

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Wayne Binkley

Alfred Brashear

Tom Brotherman

Royce Colding

Millie Crafton

Robert Daley

Craig Ewan

Joe Holt

Timothy Hustad

Edwin Jackson

Robert Johnson

Ralph Krach

Larry Lund

Arnold Marking

D.E. Maurer

Roy Nicolosi

Diana Nittel

Ed Oliver

William Peake

Daniel Perez

Rob Sargent

Paul Simpson

Philip Smith

Charlie Spicka

Scott Stack

Herbert Stewart

Jim Sweeney

John Tucker

John Tulppo

Myron Vander Beek

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