October 2001

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Sources and Descriptions

First Row
Raytheon photo MC-130H Talon II, 90-0162,  on test flight after modification in Greenville, TX
Raytheon photo EC-130H, 64-14862, Compass Call aircraft modified from a HC-130 inflt over Greenville, TX
Marcel Ritzema Romanian air force C-130B, 6150, taken at RAF Cottesmore RIAT, 28 July 2001
Mark Cable RAF Special Forces C-130, 47 Sqn, RAF Lyneham above Nevada during red flag exercises during April 2001
Second Row
Michel Klaver Bolivian AF C-130B, TAM 66 parked on a flightline
Jim Houston 146th TAW, demonstrating the "new" MAFFS system at an airshow at Van Nuys Airport, CA sometime in 1975 or 76.
146 TAW photographer 146th TAW 62-1826, performing assault take-off at an airshow at Van Nuys Airport, CA sometime in 1975 or 76.
Ron Lobban C-130H from the Royal Jordanian Air Force in the early morning at RAF Leuchars
Third Row
Eric Vorstenbosch 2 Royal Netherlands AF Herks flying in formation
Eric Vorstenbosch Royal Netherlands AF Herk painted in anniversary paint scheme shooting off flares
Ton Dielissen C-130H-30 of the Royal Netherlands AF inflight over the countryside
Jeremy Ravlin Photo taken in May 2001 at Elmendorf AFB, AK of C-130H, 74-1661, from the 517th AS

* person who sent the picture to me, not necessarily the photographer

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