May 2002

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Sources and Descriptions

First row
Smokey Korean AF #5178 at the Air Show at Seoul 19th Oct 2001
Smokey Brazilian AF C-130 2463 sitting on the ramp
Smokey C-130B-I from 7406CSS Frankfurt-Main
Arnaldo Quagliotti Italian Herk on the ice at TerranovaBay, home of Italian Antarctic Base
Second Row
Willard Boedecker C-130J doing airdrop
Terry Williams Hot Load Area at Ton Son Nhut in 1970
Timothy O'Brien submtted by Sean Jodoin 39 RQS HAR of HH-60 during a CSAREX in support of OEF/SWA. Aircraft
assigned to 939th Rescue Wing (AFRES), Portland IAP being flown by 39 RQS
(AFRES), Patrick AFB
Greg Fossum 7th SOS Combat Talon II 87-0023 on the ramp in Norway

* person who sent the picture to me, not necessarily the photographer

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