February 2002

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Sources and Descriptions

First Row
Lance Cheung, Airman Mag. 2001 158th AS (Georgia Air National Guard) C-130 while over Puerto Rico in July 2001
Steven Ogburn First C-130H2 tail # 85-0035 in the USAF. It is owned by the 908 AW flown by the 357th AS Maxwell AFB, AL
unknown Libyan AF Herk #111 LAC number 4366 at Paris Le Brouget in 1976
Mike Barnes 41st AS from Pope, tail 64-0539 parked on the ramp at Charleston AFB, SC at sunrise
Second Row
Mike Barnes Honduran AF C-130A at Tegucigalpa, Honduras at the Toncontin Airport missing 2 engines (year unknown)
R.D. Combs C-130J-30 tail number 99-1433 doing a 42K drop during a flight test at Edwards AFB, CA
unknown EC-130E tail# 62-1863 flown by the 42d ACCS from Davis-Monthan AFB landing in Aviano, Italy
Raytheon file photo unidentified early NC-130A at Greenville, Texas

* person who sent the picture to me, not necessarily the photographer
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