Fall 2002


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Sources and Descriptions

First Row
Willard Boedecker 815th AS, 94-8152, C-130J on the Sicily LZ at Pope AFB, NC 2002
Jim Houston N130AR National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) C-130 (right side view on the ground)
Harry Gaydosz 9 C-130H's taxing at Pittsburgh, the Herks are from both the 911th AW, Pittsburgh
IAP/ARS, and the 910th AW, Youngstown, OH MAP/ARS
Harry Gaydosz C-130H  from the 911th AW.
Gerke Hofstra (Smokey) RAF XV292 inflight wearing 25 years in service tail flash
Second Row
Steve Hare 37th AS herc during Hungarian Response, May 2002, near Tazar, Hungary
Michael A. Molzahn 69-5832 MC-130P fresh from depot and on loan to the 9th SOS
Dave Condit 18 May2002 in Colorado Springs. The aircraft is a C-130H3 from the 731 Airlift Squadron
Henry Tenby NWT Air taken over the Northwest Territories in Canada
*Michel Klaver Cameroon AF C-130H, TJX-AD,  in a white/blue paint scheme, Lockheed C/N 4752
Third Row
*Michel Klaver Lockheed C/N 4282, Pakistan AF C-130E, 14727, acquired from the Imperial Iranian AF,
*Michel Klaver Lockheed C/N 4282, Imperial Iranian AF, 5-108, early 70s before being sold to Pakistan
*Michel Klaver Lockheed C/N 3208, Chad AF, C-130A, TT-PAA
*Michel Klaver Lockheed C/N 4933, Cameroon AF C130H-30, TJX-CE
*Michel Klaver Lockheed C/N 4710, Gabon AF, L-100-20, TR-KKB

* person who sent the picture to me, not necessarily the photographer

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