August 2001

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Sources and Descriptions

First Row
Glen Senkowski 56-0486 in June 1970 at Bu Jamap, III Corps, Viet Nam.
USN *Rick Baran DC-130A, 57-0496,  inflight with drones, now stationed at Naval Weapons Test Squadron, Point Mugu, California
Pakistan AF 2000 calendar *Farhan Khan Pakistan air force Herk 64312 taxing at Skardu
Pakistan AF 2000 calendar *Farhan Khan Pakistan air force Herk 64312 landing at Skardu
Second Row
*Jerry Baird 56-0531 flying past Mt Hood, Oregon with Mt Adams, Washington in the back ground.
Raytheon photo 56-0490 as a JC-130A before modification to AC-130A in 1970 flying over Greenville, TX (subsequently shot down over Laos in Dec 1972)
Emin FINDIKLI Turkish Stars C-130 parked on a ramp view from the front right side
Emin FINDIKLI Turkish C-130 inflight painted up for F-5 demostration team support
Third Row
unknown/ *Colin Tigwell Royal Australian AF C-130H A97-002 on a coastal run
Adrian Balch C-130A 57-0460 parked at RAF Odiham in September 1960 with plain metal and red paint
Adrian Balch RAF C-130 XV292 over Lyneham in May 1992
Mike Doyle 64-0571 assigned to 919th SOW (flown in the picture by the 8th SOS) over Kuwait

* person who sent the picture to me, not necessarily the photographer

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