United States Navy C-130 Squadrons


VR-62 patch Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 62 (VR-62) at NAS Brunswick, ME C-130T; USN Reserve. Established on July 1, 1985 at NAF Detroit flying C-9B "Skytrain II". On April 1, 1994, VR-62 changed home ports moving to NAS South Weymouth and transitioned into the C-130T. VR-62 moved to NAS Brunswick, ME on 1 June 1996 and adopted the name "Nor' Easters". VR-62 provides world-wide logistics support for active duty Fleet Commanders and Naval Reserve Forces. (patch donated by Laurie Kraynick)
VR-53 patch Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 53 (VR-53) NAF Washington, Andrews AFB, MD. USN Reserve unit formed in 1992 equipped with five C-130Ts and use the tail letter AX.
vr54.gif (10229 bytes) Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 54 (VR-54) NAS New Orleans, LA.  Revelers. VR-54 originally flew C-118 transport aircraft until early the early 80's and they were decommisioned. VR-54 was re-established on 1 June 1991. They received their first aircraft in August 1991 and currently operate five C-130Ts providing Tactical/Heavy Lift Transport capability in support of fleet requirements. (image courtesy of VR-54)
vr55.gif (11645 bytes) Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 55 (VR-55) Point Mugu, CA. USN Reserve. The Minutemen. Commissioned in 1976 flying the C-9B Skytrain and became the first Naval Reserve squadron to transition into the C-130T in 1993. the C-130s of VR-55 have been used to carry such unusual loads as bottlenose dolphins for release in the South Pacific to trained sea lions to a life of leisure in an aquatic park on the east coast. (image courtesy of Jim Host)

Inactivated Navy C-130 Squadrons

Navy Military Airlift Transport Service (MATS)

Note: More history of Navy MATS squadrons is available at the MATS Reunion Website

VR-7 patch VR-3 transitioned to the C-130E from the C-118 in June 1963.   They were the last U.S. Navy component of MATS when they were decommissioned  July 19, 1967 at Mcguire AFB, NJ.
VR-7 patch VR-7 In 1963, the squadron delivered most of its Super Constellations to the Air National Guard as they transitioned into the C-130E.  While participating in Operation Big Strike in Puerto Rico, the squadron maintained a presence across the Pacific carrying critical supplies, equipment, and men to Viet Nam. VR-7 suffered the loss of a C-130E off the east coast of Viet Nam (Cam Rhan Bay) on 16 June 1966 when the aircraft blew up shortly after taken.  The squadron was decommissioned in 1967 at NAS Moffett Field, CA. 
VR-8 patch VR-8's motto was "We Carry the Load". In early 1963, the squadron began  retiring the R7V-1, and accepting the C-130E  while the squadron continued  it's exceptional maintenance of the R7V Connie and accepted the burden of maintaining the all new Herky. This was done without deterioration of admirable aircraft availability record. They were decommissioned in January 1967 .
VR-22 patch VR-22 was operating C-118s when they  transitioned to the C-130 in 1963-64 at NAS Norfolk, Virginia. Equipped with ten C-130's, maintenance and repair facilities, the squadron was manned by some 140 officers and approximately 500 men. In 1966, the squadron was moved from NAS Norfolk, Va. to NAS Moffett Field, Ca. where it joined VR-7 and VR-8 in their missions for the Naval Air Transport Wing Pacific under MATS until decommissioning April 1967.

TACAMO (Take Charge and Move Out): Information about the TACAMO mission can be obtained here (.mil access only)

vq3.gif (13291 bytes) Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 3 (VQ-3) Established on 1 July 1968 with a pair of C-130G subsequently being redesignated EC-130Gs. They also began receiving EC-130Qs from 1968 and operated out of NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii until converting to the E-6A and moved to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma where they are still in operation. (patch image courtesy of Ed Thomas)
vq4.gif (6035 bytes) Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 4 (VQ-4) Flew EC-130's from 68 until 93 when they finished converting  and moved from Pax River to Tinker AFB, Oklahoma where they are still in operation.  (patch image courtesy of Lee Spain)
VXE-6 patch Antarctica Development Squadron Six VXE-6 "Ice Pirates" NAWS Point Mugu, CA. Was the only active duty C-130 squadron till earlier this year. This  squadron had seven LC-130s that directly supported the mission of polar research and scientific programs of the National Science Foundation. They have been deactivated and now the New York ANG has sole responsibility for their mission. You can visit the unofficial VXE-6 web page here

VR-1 patch Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 1 (VR-1) NAS Norfolk, VA. Operated the C-130F and two C-130Gs in the early 60s. The C-130Fs were transferred to VR-24 and the C-130Gs were assigned to VQ-4 in 1968. The squadron was decommissioned in the late 60s. (patch image courtesy of Lee Spain)
VC -3 Fleet Composite Squadron 3 (VC-3) NAS North Island, CA. VC-3 operated two DC-130As with a tailcode "UF" to launch drones from 1969 to 1979. (patch image courtesy of Robert A. Lay)
vr21.gif (14845 bytes) Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 21 (VR-21)  Naval Air Station Barbers Point, HI. It's normal complement of aircraft was the C-118, but twice during its history it had a complement of 3 ex-marine tankers. The aircraft were stripped of refueling gear and used for support of fleet operations in the SE Asia theatre. The aircraft and crews were detached from Hawaii and moved to Japan for support of Naval forces in Vietnam. In about mid-1970 the C-130 aircraft and crews were transferred to VRC-50 at Cubi Point, while the main squadron continued on in Hawaii flying C-118's until being decomissioned in March 1979.(image courtesy of Ed Thomas)
VR-22 patch Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 22 (VR-22) NAS Rota, Spain. VR-22 was recommissioned October 1984 at Rota, Spain after operating as a detachment of VR-24 for several years.  They operated four  C-130Fs and later three KC-130Fs with a tail code of "JL" before they were decommissioned in April 1993. (image courtesy of Lee Spain)
VR-24 patch Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 24 (VR-24) Headquartered at Port Lyautey, Morocco they received their first C-130F in February 1962. They moved to NAS Rota, Spain  in 1963. They relocated again in August 1966 to NAS Naples, Italy leaving a detachment of C-130Fs at Rota (see VR-22). Their final move was to NAS Sigonella, Sicily in 1976. (patch image courtesy of Lee Spain)
VRC-50 patch Fleet Tactical Support Squadron 50 (VRC-50) Foo Dogs: Commissioned at Naval Air Station, Atsugi , Japan on 1 Oct 66; they were formerly a detachment of VR-21. In June 1969 three C-130F "Hercules" transports were assigned to the squadron. A further change of homeport, from Naval Air Station, North Island to Naval Air Station, Cubi Point, Republic of the Philippines occurred in July 1972. March 1972 brought the return of three C-130s back to the squadron.Following the eruption of Mount Pinatubo and as part of the U. S. military withdrawal from the Republic of the Philippines, VRC-50 made a homeport change from Naval Air Station, Cubi Point to Andersen Air Force Base Guam effective 1 August 1992. In September 1994 one C-130 aircraft was explosively disabled on Andersen AFB, Guam and the final two C-130F's were transferred to Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, for preservation. VRC-50 was officially disestablished on 1 October 1994. Check out the Foo Dogs Web site.

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