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NOTES: If you are subscribed to the C-130 Mail List and would like to be listed in the Member Directory, please e-mail and you will be added next time I update this page. There are currently over 250 subscribers to the mail list. Inclusion here is strictly voluntary. Of course, it might be a good way to run into someone you haven't heard from in awhile or lost track of. I removed the E-mail address hyper links due to the complaints people have about getting spam e-mail.
Alan Garrett Flight Engineer
Andrew Louden Navigator, Sgt. USMC, 1976-1980: VMGR 352 and VMGR 152
Bob Patterson Loadmaster - (1972- 1973 47th TAS), (1974-1977 36th TAS)
Bob Wyatt retired nav ('63 - 71') MATS, MAC, PACAF & TAC
Col Tigwell SGT (E7)Served with 36 and 37 Sqdns RAAF, C-130A and C-130E, loadmaster 1965 to 1972.
Damon E. Blair TSgt Crew Chief (and former DCC of two EC-130H's).
Dave Smith TSgt, 136th AGS Squadron, NAS JRB Ft Worth, TX. Crew Chief on C-130H-2. Spent 7 Mos at Al Ain during Desert Storm / Shield. Will retire on Dec 1, 2000.
Dan McLaughlin Pilot, 62nd TCS, 7406th Sup Sq., Rhine Main AB, GE, Instructor pilot in the 4442nd CCTS, Sewart AFB. Pilot in the 6091st Recon Sq. at Yakota AB, Japan.
Daniel L. Reider Loadmaster
Diana Nittel 17 years with Lockheed on C-130's under direction of AF
Donald R. Horton Combat Control Officer - 314 TAW and 2nd APS Sewart AFB Dec 63 to Mar 65. Naha 65 to 66. Tac Alft Center at Pope, 66 to 70. 70-71 Naha, 7th APS, 71-72 Cam Ranh Bay 14 APS and TSN 8th APS (Air Freight, Station Traffic Officer, Aerial Delivery Officer, 72- 75 (CCT) 1st APS Dyess AFB. Came off active duty went to Reserves, Retired in 90.
Donn Gallon Assigned 42d ACCS 1995-1997
Edwin Jackson RAF mech '59-'62, C-130 prop man, 464th FMS, Pope,'63-'65. Civilian heli/ac(US Army) mech. Long Thanh North, SVN. '68-'69.
Elke Morris Husband; Major, C-130 pilot; currently at Elemendorf (517th ALS), past assignments: D-M - 95-98; Pope -90-95, Williams - 89-90, Eglin - 85-88
Frank Gawell Nav: 463 TCW/TAW 774 sqd, 1963-1966 at Langley AFB, VA and Mactan AB Philippines. Over 3500 hours; Also flew C130s with the Canadian Forces as part of exchange program with the Aerospace Systems Sqd at CFB Winnipeg !969-1973
Fritz Wester 18 years Maintenance Technician and Flight Engineer C-130A, B, E, H and L-382
Gary Chambers C-130E navigator 171 AS, MI ANG
George (RED) Ruch Flt Eng: Navy MATS VR6 & VR3 at Mcguire AFB, Retired in 73 after 26 years
Gordon R. Lau Flight Engineer with the 204th Airlift Squadron, Hawai'i Air National Guard, Hickam Air Force Base, HI
Graham Volker Loadmaster - Flight Sergeant - Royal Australian Air Force: No 36 Sqd [C130A] & No 37 Sqd [C130E] from 1966 to 1973. Served with the R.A.A.F from 1959 to 1996 - Retired as Squadron Leader on 06 December 1996.
Harold R. Martin Approx. 15,000 hrs. in Herk 1960-1993, including C-130A, E, H, DC-130A, E, C-130D, C-130D-6, L-382-100
Howard Nielsen USAF, MSgt, Ret.; Material Support
Jeff Mathews C-130E Flight Engineer/61st Airlift Sqdn
Jim Farrar Loadmaster 66-72 Dyess,PI, CCK, Little Rock. Earned DFC on C-130 mission in Viet. Spent 4 Years flying with the Royal Saudi Air Force as instructor, KC-130 observer instructor, etc.
Jim Whetstone Airborne Radio Operator / Load Master
Ken Breito Pilot - 12 years
Ken Kincaid Air Freight Specialist, SSgt,   AFSC (60551) "Box Kicker" (1965-1970) Now living in Dallas, TX.
Mark Felhofer Former Loadmster (USN, VRC-50)
Matt Anderson Powerline CDI, Firstmech, and QAGFE in the Marine Corps. Also did 3 years with KYANG as a propulsion element mechanic.
Mike Thurber MC-130H Talon II pilot, RAF Mildenhall; 3300+ hours C-130E, EC-130H, HC-130N/P, MC-130P, MC-130H. Instructor, flight safety officer in 41st ECS, 9th SOS, and 7th SOS
Millie L. Crafton Widow of Col. William T. (Bill) Crafton III, Navigator; Sewart 57-63; Kadena 65-68; Ubon "Spectre" 68-69; Pentagon J-4/OJCS 70-74; Sheppard 75-78 & 79-82; Tehran, Iran 78-79; Retired 82
Nolan Bailey C-130D "Ski Model" Pilot 1964-67
Norm McCallum ex C130 E Loadmaster 37 Sqn. R.A.A.F. 1966 to 1977.
Ollie F. Cook TSgt. USAF (Ret), Assistant Pneudraulic Shop Chief,463rd CAMS, Sewart AFB, TN 1959 -1962
Paul A. "Homer" Simpson EC-130Hs at DM 1989-96, Instructor Nav - Now with Boeing Aerospace as Navigator Academic Instructor/Courseware Developed for the EC-130E/H Flight Deck Training contract
Phil Wilson AC on A's Naha- 21TAS-E-Flight 69-71-E's Little Rock 71-73
Ralph E Krach Sr MSgt, USAF Retired. Maintenance, Electronic Nav Equipt.; Cat Z in E Flight 21st TCS; Blindbat, Cracked Glass, Lamplighter, flare kicker
Randy Reynolds C-130 A/B/E/H/H2 Flight Engineer Flight Examiner
Richard Albee Flt Eng C-130A/B/E/ AC, WC with 317 Lockbourn, 63-65 41st Naha Blind Bat 65-67, Patrick 67-68 Hickam 68-72 Langley 72-73 Korat 73-74, Keesler 74-77 Ret., Home: Oxford, MS
Richard Roedel Active Duty Flight Engineer- FTU instructor in the 62nd at Little Rock 97- present.
Robert A.Daley IP C-130E, Active Duty 1969-1973; IP C-130B, AFRES/ANG 1973-1985; Captain B737 SW Airlines 1974-Present, Dallas TX
Robert D. Huffman (Bob) LtCol USAF(ret): Pilot; Det 9 Clark AB 315th AD; 773rd; Retired '69
Royce (Roy) G. Colding Aerial Camera Tech (USAF) on the first C-130A to be converted for Photo Mapping at West Palm Beach AFB. 1957/58
Ruben "Radar" Rodriguez         EC-130 Airborne Aircraft Controller, Sgt, USAF 1977-1978, 7th ACCS, Keesler AFB, MS. (Prior: Aerospace Control & Warning Systems Opr. 1976-1977: 748th RADS Kotzebue, AK & 1974-1976: 655th RADS Watertown NY) Presently: Deputy Sheriff, Nueces County, Corpus Christi, Texas.
Scott J. Gager C-130 & AC -130 Crew Chief since 1982.
Shawn Crossland TSgt (ANG) ECM 167th Martinsburg, WV
Sonny Cook Sgt: 1965-67 McGuire AFB, 438 OMS, 780 Section, Crew Chief 63-7872 1967-68 Naha, Okinawa 21st TAS, Crew Chief 56-489, 56-533 (Blindbat).
Steve Sellers Former Sgt: 61st TAS Sewart AFB, TN; Jet Engine Mechanic,1966 to 1969 TDY rotations to RAF Mildenhall 67-68
Steve Stinsky crew chief
Thom Maxwell Loadmaster. SSgt 1990 to 1998 on C-141B; 1993-1998 ALCE Loadmaster at McGuire AFB, NJ.; 1998 to 2000 C-130H Load at 40th AS Dyess AFB, TX; orders to the 7 SOS in Mildenhall
Tom Brotherman Dad (Tom Mitchell) flew them, went down on Blind Bat mission, aircraft 56-0477.
Tom Clarke Pilot, Comd. USN (Ret) Currently, Contract pilot with Veridian Engineering-Flt Test Sup (KC-130T/F,  NC-130H, C-130H, soon KC-130J)   Naval Force Acft Test Sqd at NAS Patuxent River, MD.
Tom Robison Ex-meteorological equipment technician, WC-130s, 1970-72
Vaughn Roberts C-130 pilot - Dyess (E,s) 1963,64,65; Naha (A's) 1966,67,68; Lockbourne (A's) 68,69,70,71;Little Rock (E's) 1971,72,73
William C. Robinson Maj, USAF Ret., Nav, 452 FTS (Mather AFB), Sept 73 June 74, 774 TAS (Dyess AFB) July 74 Aug 80, 17 TAS (Elmendorf AFB) Sept 80 Dec 84, 773 Tas, Flight Sim Branch, 463d Airlift Control Element, 463d ALCS (all back at Dyess), Jan 85 Sept 93. Basic Nav thru SEFE, Airdrop, Grid, SOLL, HALO, TALO
Zan Allen Sproles Currently senior AFROTC cadet, hoping to get a chance to fly the great C-130. Grew up outside LRAFB, and know how special 130s are

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