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C-130 Related Sites:

  • 1 Air Movements Squadron Canada's "First and Finest" Airlift Support Squadron
  • 7th SOS unofficial Home Page by Kent Kerr
  • 17th TCS Firebird Homepage Detailed history and photos of the C-130D
  • 317th CAMS/FMS Homepage Nice Info about this former C-130 Unit
  • 345th TAS Reunion Homepage
  • 1375th Photo Mapping Wing
  • A Hurricane Hunter's Photo Album
  • Ardmore Air Froce Base Memorial Page (1st home of the Herk)
  • Australian C-130 Aircrew Website
  • Charity Airlift:
  • David Steiner's C-130 Page (former 54th WRS member)
  • Dutch Hercules Association
  • Federation of American Scientists C-130 page
  • Hurricane Hunters Homepage (53 WRS at Keesler AFB)
  • KC-130 homepage
  • Lockheed- Martin Manufacturer of C-130's
  • Lockheed WC-130 and other C-130 Meteorological Research Hercules
  • Lynden Air Cargo They use the Hercules in Alaska for charter cargo operations
  • Marine Corps Air Transport Association
  • Navy Mats VR's Reunion Group History of some old C-130 squadrons
  • Nicolai Musante Larsen's C-130 page
  • Sam's C-130 Page Great place for historical articles
  • Spectre Association Homepage
  • Spectre Gunner's Home Page Historical information on gunships
  • Stray Goose International MC-130 Combat Talon homepage
  • Sutton's C-130 Nose Art Gallery
  • Swedish Air Force Unofficial C-130 Hercules Page
  • Transafrik Transafrik International Ltd is a charter cargo airline with a fleet of Boeing 727-100s and Lockheed L100-30 Hercules
  • Unofficial AC-130H Spectre Gunship page
  • US Special Operations Aircraft Cool site covering all special Op's 130's acft

Aviation Magazines

  • AeroWeb The Electronic journal of International Aviation and Space
  • Air Force Association Publisher of Air Force magazine
  • Air Force Times
  • AIR & SPACE Magazine Home Page
  • Airman Magazine
  • Aviation Week
  • Aviation History
  • Jane's Information group

Aviation Museums

  • Aerospace Education Center
  • Air Mobility Command Museum, Dover AFB, DE
  • National Air and Space Museum
  • New England Air Museum
  • The Museum of Aviation, Warner Robins, GA
  • The Museum of Flight and Aerial Firefighting, Greybull, WY
  • United States Air Force Museum, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH

Aviation Image Resources

  • Aviation Animation
  • Cranston Fine Arts
  • Dryden Research Aircraft Photo Gallery
  • Gulf War Photo Diary
  • Military Aircraft Archive
  • 3D Havoc A few C-130 screensavers available here.

Other Aviation and Military Sites

  • Aeroemblem: Air Force Patch manufacturer and dealer
  • Aeroflight The Website for Aviation Enthusiasts
  • Air Force Technology
  • Air America Association
  • Air Commando Association
  • The Air Force Aviation Heritage Foundation
  • Air Force Patch Collectors' Homepage reference for patches
  • Air Force Links Starting point for exploring USAF home pages
  • Airline Rumor Message Forum
  • Airpower: Your reference in Aviation
  • Aviation/Aerospace Jobs Page In case you are in search of a job
  • Aviation Enthusiast Corner Great place for list of museums
  • Aviation Home Select Sites
  • Aviation Safety Network
  • Aviation Zone
  • Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation
  • GLOBEMASTER US Military Aviation Database
  • FAV-CLUB (Venezuelan Air Force Fan Club)
  • Firebombers Incorporated Homepage
  • Flight History.Com
  • Joe Baugher's USAF aircraft serial numbers page
  • Italian Aviation Spotters Homepage
  • Gary Tate's Homemade Military Links Page
  • Oklahoma Wreckchasing Aviation Archaeology in the Southern Plains States
  • NOAA Aircraft Operations Center - Home of NOAA's Hurricane Hunters
  • Pedro Rescue Helicopter Association Web Site
  • Professional Loadmaster Assn
  • Special Operations.Com
  • Scramble on the Web Dutch Aviation Society
  • Tan Son Nhut Association
  • The Caribou Association
  • The Online Blackbird Museum
  • Tribute to Great Military Aircraft
  • VAQ-34 Homepage
  • Unofficial USAF E-Mail Locator
  • USAF Pararescue Homepage
  • USAAS-USAAC-USAAF-USAF Aircraft Serial Numbers--1908 to Present
  • Warrior Foundation
  • Welcome to the Ice...(web site about Antartica)
  • WestWind Airlines Virtual flight Sims
It's difficult to keep up with all the links contained on this page. If you find broken links, feel free to send me a note and let me know and I will repair or remove them from the list.

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