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C-130 Facts and Information

The C-130 is the most versatile and enduring transport ever built. If you checked out some of the cool pictures on the other pages you already know that. I've found some other sites on the Internet that have very good background information, facts, and statistics about the C-130 Hercules. It would be redundant for me to try and repeat the work they have already done in this area. Instead, I will try to direct you where to best look for the information you might be seeking.

Facts on the Mighty Herk: This is put together by the C-130 System Program Office. Graphics depicting the different variants, milestones and dimensions and component locations.

The Aviation Zone: Mike Neely has put together a very fine collection of information about the different Hercules. I don't know where he found the time. It is definitely worth a look and a bookmark in your browser. He has facts sheets put together on all the variants of the Herk as well as further links about each model.

C-130 Hercules Chronological History: The page is located at the Lockheed-Martin web site and has an interesting table listing milestones in the Hercules production history. There are also links to pages describing the C-130J's performance specifications and dimensions.

US Air Force Aircraft Factsheets: General descriptions of most aircraft in the USAF inventory.


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