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Clearwater Sacramento
CGAS Clearwater, FL; 7th District. They have been flying HC-130s since 1976. Nice history of the unit located at their home page. (patch donated by Joe Grable) CGAS Sacramento, CA; 11th District
Hawaii Kodiak, Alaska
CGAS Barbers Point, Hawaii; 14th District. Various models of the C-130 have been assigned to the unit since 1959. They have four HC-130H models. Historical narrative of the unit is located on their home page. (patch donated by Chris Andre) CGAS Kodiak Alaska; 17th District
N. Carolina Other Herk related Coast Guard patches:
CGAS Elizabeth City, NC; 5th District; They have five HC-130s. The station is also host to the Aircraft Repair and Supply Center (AR&SC) and Aviation Technical Training Center (ATTC).

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