C-130 Hercules Reference List

C-130 Specific Literature
C-130 Novels
C-130 Mission Related Books
Miscellaneous References and Other Stuff
  • Francillon, Rene J. The United States Air National Guard. Aerospace Publishing, 1993.(good reference of ANG units and displays most of their insignia)
  • Badrocke, Mike & Gunston, Bill. Lockheed Aircraft Cutaways: The History of Lockheed Martin. Osprey Aviation, 1998. ISBN 1-85532-775-9
  • March, Peter R. International Air Tattoo 94. RAF Benevolent Fund, 1994. ISBN 0-9516581-7-4 (lots of great Herk Pictures, anniversary year)
  • Pearcy, Arthur. A History of US Coast Guard Aviation. Airlife 1989.

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