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Radio Controlled C-130

Contributed by Joe Grable

Size comparison on the ramp remote control herk ready to go!

Ever since I have been in R/C modeling I have always wanted to build a unique model and I could not think of a more unique one than the C-130. It is truly a classic. I started the project in April of 1996 by purchasing a 1:48th scale plastic model along with a set of plans of a much smaller balsa model. To make this a real eye-catcher and one that would really stand out I went with 1/12th scale. The first thing to do was to get a set of working plans drawn up, which took about a month. It was a rough set but more than enough to build from. The 1/12th scale made it easier to calculate sizes. The construction started by building a box frame of 1/2x1/4 hard wood runners and 1/4x1/4 cross braces. Next I added formers to the box frame to get the finished shape. under constructionThe wing center section, vertical and horizontal surfaces were then added. All wing and tail ribs were produced with a PC program called CompuFoil Professional. It calculated all ribs, spar location, leading and trailing edge taper and much more. After all the framing was complete, the entire shellalmost done? was sheeted with 1/8 balsa. It was then sanded and vacuumed, then a covering of .75 oz. fiber glass cloth was applied. After that had dried I applied several coats of primer with sanding between coats. When the primer surface was ready the color was applied, white first then red and then the blue. The decals were then set and then the final clear coat was applied.

C-130 Specs:
  • Wing span 141 inches(added a little for insurance)
  • Height 38 inches
  • Length 97 inches
  • Weight 43 Lbs.
  • Power 4 Saito .91 4 cycle engines
  • Controlled with 17 servos 2 receivers
ready for paint

Couple more pictures.in front of hangar, on the ramp, Fly-by

Please e-mail comments or questions about this plane to: jgrable2@tampabay.rr.com

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