Logo Hercules Art

Painting and Graphic artwork of the C-130 Hercules

1861x1241 (302k) Lockheed-Martin 660x497 (68k) 470x321 (23k) AFA Calendar 432x301 (19k)

You can click on any of the images for a larger version.

566x376 (67k) 1146x626 (133k) Lockheed-Martin 772x600 (83k) 752x508 (59k)


lc130_30.gif (15768 bytes) c130_689.jpg (4370 bytes) 8
500x372 (154k) 800x528 (196k) Bernardo AC Porfirio


The 146th AW Christmas card artwork:  640X480 (35k) 146 AW Multimedia Center

Note: I have no information on the copyright restrictions on the images on this page. If you have information on the source of any of the images please let me know.

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