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102 RQS 102nd Rescue Squadron  part of the 106th RQW at Suffolk County Airport, NY. In the spring of 1975 they converted to the HC-130N/P from the F/TF-102. They also fly the HH-60G. They operate the only rescue aircraft in the Northeastern U.S. designed for aerial refueling. They provide Search and Rescue (SAR) and Medevac from Northeast United States south to Bahamas Islands and east to the Azores.They are tasked by New Hampshire Fish and Wildlife Service for extensive mountain search support as well as Space Shuttle Support. They currently operate 2 HC-130N and 3 HC-130P.
105 AS 105th Airlift Squadron part of the 118th AW, Nashville Airport, TN. In March of 1971 the 105th converted from the C-124C into six C-130As. By 1979 they had acquired 16 C-130A models.  In 1989 they received their first C-130H and currently fly 12 C-130H with the "A" models long since retired. Patch on the left donated by Scott Stack.
109AS 109th Airlift Squadron part of the 133 AW at Minneapolis-St. Paul IAP, MN. In 1970 they converted from the C-97G to the C-130A.  In 1981 they converted to C-130Es. They presently are equipped with eight C-130H3.
115 AS 115th Airlift Squadron part of the 146 AW, Channel Island ANGB, CA. Converted from the C-97A/G into the C-130A in 1970 based at Van Nuys Airport CA. They were the first ANG guard unit to be equipped with Herks. in spring of 1974 they began receiving "B" models from the inactivated 195 TAS. In 1975 they began mixing in "E" models into their fleet and getting rid of the "As". By 1981 all the "B models had been phased out. In 1988 they made the move to Channel Islands ANGB. The 115th AS currently has ten C-130Es in their fleet and two C-130J-30s. Patch on left donated by Clyde Doheney.
129RQS 129th Rescue Squadron part of the 129 RQW, Moffet Federal Airfield, CA. In 1975 redesignated from SOS to ARRS and converted from the C-119 and U-10 to the HC-130P and were based at Hayward Air Terminal, CA. In  May 1980 they moved to NAS Moffet Field. The 129th RSQ currently operates two HC-130P and three MC-130P. Patch on left donated by Douglas M. Ducote SR.
130 AS 130th Airlift Squadron part of the 130 AW, Yeager Airport, WV. Converted to the C-130E from U-10D and C-119L in 1975. In 1989, they received  nine C-130H. Called to active duty 5 Oct 90-26 May 91 for Desert Storm. Patch on left donated by David Weddington.
135 AS 135th Airlift Squadron part of the 135 AG at Martin State Airport in Baltimore, MD. In October 1980 converted from the  C-7A/B to C-130B and converted   to C-130E in 1989. In 1992 the 135th AG was placed under the 175th Wing  which also flies the A-10.  They are the first ANG squadron to convert to the C-130J and received their 8th and final aircraft in December 2000. patch on left donated by Dee Maurer
139AS 139th Airlift Squadron part of the 109th AW at  Schenectady Co. Airport, NY. In 1971 they converted from the C-97 to the C-130A. In 1975 they converted to the C-130D (skies) In 1985 they transferred into the LC-130H. They currently operate the C-130H,  LC-130H and  LC-130R. They are receiving three former Navy LCs, 2 which are currently receiving PDM in Waso, TX.
142AS 142nd Airlift Squadron is part of the 166th AW at New Castle County Airport, DE. First transitioned to C-130A in 1971 from C-97 then received the C-130H during 1985-86 time frame with current strength consisting of nine C-130H.
143 AS 143rd Airlift Squadron is part of the 143d AW at Quonset State Airport, RI. Converted from the C-119L to the C-130A in 1975 and redesignated a TAS from a SOS based at T.F. Green Airport, RI.  In 1980, they relocated to Quonset State Airport. Transitioned into nine C-130E in 1990. Called to active duty for Desert Storm from 23 Feb 91-10 Jun 91. The 143d has received three C-130J-30s numbered 1431, 1432, 1433.  Patch on left donated by Gerald Martel.
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